HSA Plans

Currently the only HSAs available in Georgia are through Anthem BCBS and MedMutual. With Anthem leaving the market for 2018, MedMutual will be the only providers of HSA plans in the state. Health Savings Accounts can reduce your out of pocket costs as well as your tax burden.

A Health Savings Account is a portable, tax-favored savings account combined with a qualifying high deductible health plan (HDHP) that allows you to fund health care expenses with pre-tax money. Your deposits to a Health Savings Account reduce your taxable income, and withdrawals are never taxed as long as funds are used to pay for qualified medical expenses.

HSAs are similar to IRAs, but even better:

Pre-tax money is deposited each year into an HSA and can be easily withdrawn at any time with no penalty or taxes to pay for qualified medical expenses. Withdrawals can also be made for non-medical purposes, but will be taxed as normal income and are subject to a 10 percent penalty if done prior to age 65.

Any HSA funds not used each year remain in the account (no “use it or lose it”), and earn interest tax-free to supplement medical expenses at any time in the future.

Like an IRA, the account belongs to you, not your employer. But unlike an IRA, your employer CAN contribute to your HSA.

Ambetter from Peach State Health

AmBetter from Buckeye Community Health Plan provides quality healthcare solutions that help residents of Georgia live better. With a variety of affordable coverage options, they make it easier to stay healthy.


CareSource plans provide comprehensive, quality coverage that you can afford, understand and use. They offer individual and family plans with optional dental and vision coverage for adults. CareSource is a Qualified Health Plan offered through the Health Insurance Marketplace.

Marketplace Plan Benefits

Optional Adult Dental, Vision, & Fitness Benefits

Need to take a trip to the eye doctor or dentist? Interested in no-cost gym memberships? Adults get enhanced benefits by adding optional Adult Dental, Vision & Fitness Benefits*** to any Silver, Bronze or Gold plan. The Fitness Benefit provides access to multiple fitness centers and gyms, digital fitness choices with home fitness tools, including one home fitness kit per benefit year with some kits including a wearable device (e.g. Fitbit® or Garmin®), digital workouts and live lifestyle coaching. All plans include pediatric dental and vision coverage.

Low Copays

CareSource plans have some of the lowest in-network primary care or retail clinic copays. Plus, many benefits, including primary and specialist care, retail clinic, telemedicine, urgent care, retail generic and retail preferred brand drugs, are available before you satisfy your deductible on most of our plans^.

Prescription Drug Benefits

Our prescription drug coverage includes copays as low as $0 for generic drugs and an extensive list of brand name drugs.

Preventive Care Coverage

Health insurance should help you stay healthy. That’s why there are no copays or coinsurance fees for defined preventive health services with CareSource Marketplace plans.

Hearing Benefits

All CareSource Marketplace plans include TruHearing® coverage with hearing aid discounts and $0 copay for routine hearing screenings.


A team of nurses who can answer health questions 24/7/365.

Health and well-being services

Including 24 hour nurseline, wellness advocates, incentive programs, specialty care teams, and other innovative support like our MyHealth and myStrength tools.


Through our Zero Cost Telemedicine Partner Program, you have access to $0 copay telehealth office visits. Other Telehealth Office Visits have the same cost share as your Primary Care Physician and non-office visits have the same cost share as an in person visit. CareSource fully supports your choice to use telehealth and is willing to partner with your Provider and we provide access to services to all members through Teladoc®. Teladoc® provides 24/7 access to US licensed physicians who can consult, diagnose, and prescribe medications by phone or video for short-term illnesses.

Kaiser Permanente

Founded in 1945, Kaiser Permanente is recognized as one of America’s leading health care providers and not-for-profit health plans. We currently serve 12.4 million members in 8 states and the District of Columbia. Care for members and patients is focused on their total health and guided by their personal Permanente Medical Group physicians, specialists, and team of caregivers.