Medicare Supplement Plans

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Anthem Georgia Medicare Supplement Plans

Anthem offers a choice of 6 Medicare Supplement Insurance plans; Plan A, Plan F, Plan G, Plan N, Plan K, and Plan L.

  • Plan F and Plan G pay the Medicare Part A hospital deductible and co-payment(s), the skilled nursing facility copayment(s) and emergency care for foreign travel.
  • Plans K and L are low-cost, cost-sharing Medicare Supplement Insurance plans that require you to pay a higher percentage of the costs in return for reduced premiums.
  • Anthem also offers basic Plan A, the plan with the lowest benefits.

Anthem Medicare Supplement Member Benefits

All Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Georgia Medicare Supplement plans give you:

  • Guaranteed Acceptance with no health questions asked
  • Freedom to choose any doctors or specialists
  • Coverage with domestic travel (Plans F, HD-F, and G cover foreign travel)
  • Guaranteed renewability regardless of changes in your health
  • Coverage guaranteed to match Medicare’s cost increases year after year
  • Blue Extras Member Discount Program that include discounts on wellness products and services including vision, fitness clubs, weight management, complementary alternative medicine, hearing and more
  • No claim forms, in most cases

Anthem Georgia Dental & Vision Plans

Take control of your health with the right dental and vision coverage. You may apply for coverage at any time during the year. Your Effective Date will be the first day of the following month after receipt of application and premium.

The mouth and eyes are important parts of your body and your health. They can show early warning signs of disease – so regular dental and vision checkups help you stay healthy. That’s why taking care of your total health requires not just medical coverage, but also dental and vision plans.

You’ve probably heard before that dental health is an important part of overall health. In fact, 90% of the body’s diseases first show signs and symptoms in the mouth.*

Routine eye checkups are about more than making sure you can see clearly. They’re important to health, safety and learning. Even if you think you have 20/20 vision, it’s key that you’re checked regularly — at every age.

Eye exams can detect major health problems like diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease. Some eye diseases have no warning signs. So people may not even know their vision is at risk.

Getting the dental and vision plans you need

Off-exchange, standalone coverage from Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield (Anthem) can help you get the dental and vision care you need for your total health. Many of our dental plans cover you 100% for exams, cleanings and

X-rays. All of our vision plans cover you for yearly eye exams.

All-in-one or separate plans?

You can buy a medical plan that includes dental and vision benefits — or you can buy separate plans. You may want to think about buying your dental and vision separate from your medical plan. Separate plans usually offer more choices and may have more benefits to meet your needs. The main differences are in how you apply for coverage and how you are billed.

Anthem dental plans

We offer a variety of individual and family dental plan options to fit your needs and budget. These plans include:

  • Anthem Dental Family Value
  • Anthem Dental Family
  • Anthem Dental Family Enhanced
  • Dental Smart Access

Anthem has one of the largest dental preferred provider organization (PPO) networks in the country. Plus, we work with network dentists to get deep discounts for you. By seeing a network dentist, you can save an average of 25% to 32% on covered dental services.

Tools that put a smile on your face

We offer some great online tools to help you better understand your dental health. Once you’re a member, log in to to access:

Ask a Hygienist

Email questions to licensed dental professionals and get quick, private, personalized advice at no extra cost.

Dental Cost Estimator

Help estimate your costs for dental procedures and services in the ZIP code where you get care.

Dental Health Assessment

Get feedback based on your responses to a few questions to help you keep a healthy smile.

Blue View Vision coverage available

You can add Blue View VisionSM benefits to your dental plan. These plans feature:

A broad, convenient group of national providers — Blue View Vision providers include more than 33,000 private practice doctors at over 26,000 locations.† This includes online choices through, ContactsDirect, 1-800 CONTACTS® in addition to the nation’s leading retail stores like LensCrafters®, Sears Optical℠, Target Optical® and JCPenney® Optical and most Pearle Vision® locations. These stores offer evening and weekend hours.

A complete picture of your health between your eye doctor and your primary care doctor. When you have a medical plan with us, every time you get care through our network, it becomes part of your health history. With Blue View Vision, your network eye doctor can access your health history information — including patient summaries, diagnoses, lab results and prescriptions. They can also securely share relevant eye health information back to your primary care doctor, while protecting your personal information. This approach helps all of your doctors in the network gain a better understanding of your whole health — leading to better, more holistic care.

Add-ons” at no extra charge — Factory scratch coating on eyeglass lenses is included at no extra cost. Transitions® and polycarbonate lenses for children younger than 19 can be added at no extra cost.

Discounts for other add-ons.” Includes Transitions lenses for adults at a fixed price, as well as tiered pricing for premium progressive lenses and premium anti-reflective coatings. This cuts down on your out-of-pocket costs.

Value-added savings — You can get even more savings, including 15% to 40% off on unlimited purchases of most extra pairs of eyewear, conventional contact lenses, lens treatments, specialized lenses and various accessories — even after you’ve used all of your covered benefits.

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